Yoga Blue is dedicated to Love

Our approach to addiction is not about fixing addicts, but rather about being present and available to share the teachings of yoga so the addicts may find the antidote for themselves, from within.

Addiction is not a modern day phenomenon . Sages for a long time have talked about the nature of the mind and the human tendency for attachment. It is a valid and important part of the human experience. According to the yogis, all suffering is a result of not seeing clearly. The techniques of yoga assist us in widening our view and deepening our understanding of attachments so they no longer run us. Freedom from addiction is breaking the bonds of the view from the small mind.

Seeing more clearly is no easy task. It takes great courage and love to study and learn about ourselves.  We are reminded by the wisdom in the Bhagavad Gita, during the great battle of Kuruksetra,  Krishna counsels Arjuna “no learning can happen without love”.

Yoga Blue is dedicated to love, to seeing more clearly, and we look forward to learning more together.

Welcome to Yoga Blue. Namaste.